Sunday, July 27, 2008

5 Years...

It was 5 years ago today that I gave birth to Livi...I can't help but miss her. I can't imagine what she'd be much as I can't imagine my life without Owen.

Happy Birthday Livi...I love you.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch Died Today...

...and I'm so sad...I don't remember how I came across him, but it was late last year...and I was immediately drawn to him...I put his website up on my bar and would check his updates...such humor...such intelligence...I really got the feeling that he was a really, really special person.

In case you've never seen this, here is his LECTURE

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday Bash!!!

What a great party! We celebrated my 43rd year with a fun gathering at home! Everyone got dressed up and looked absolutely beautiful! O and J were the only males invited...(I think they were in heaven!)...and they both looked so "handsome" with their flowered ties! Ha!

As I sat at the table looking out at these wonderful women, I thought to myself how lucky I really am...having such good friends is the greatest gift...and it was so unexpected...I never dreamed that I would made such strong friendships at this time in my life...

So I want to thank all of you for helping me celebrate such a great moment in my life...It was really fun!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Confession...

Did I share this with you yet...I can't remember...but it seems an appropriate time to share again.

When I was a young, innocent little girl, I had a daydream. I had a gun that I could point at kids that were mean, bullies or just over all annoying, and ZAP them out of my existence. I didn't kill them... just moved them out of my periphery, so I didn't have to deal with them. (A bit passive aggressive maybe....)I thought this was a pretty awesome imaginary invention...and, as I recall, used it quite often at the park, school and on occasion. even with my own family. (GASP!)

Today, at the park, I looked down at my hips and imagined my holster with the ZAPPER! We had just arrived at the park, and there was a group of....(I'm actually at a loss as to what to call them...mothers? Women? Girls? None of these seem correct.)...They were sitting on a bench, being pretty loud and annoying. Yes, it's a free country, but I question if this is really useful.

I was okay until one of them started calling the other one a bitch, (jokingly I assume). And swearing here and there. Who the hell sits in a toddler park and swears? I glared. Then they pulled out the smokes.

I wondered if I should say something to them...but actually thought that with this bunch it would be pointless and I might get my ass kicked, which, last time I checked, wasn't on my list of things to do today.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Maggie and Me...or is it Maggie and I?

Thanks to Jody, who tackled me to the ground and tore my camera from my hands, (all while still holding on to her glass of wine...)...What a woman!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm Back!!!!

After a week (give or take) of no computer, (well, I had Joe's, but that doesn't really count), I received my new HP Laptop this afternoon! It's really different than my Dell...and from what I read, it should perform better...

The bad news is that they (Geek Squad) could not recover any data from my computer. They said they don't see what happened to mine very often, and they had no explanation as to why it just quit. But that's warning, just dead. The damage? All of my contacts on Outlook and 2 months of photos. That, is obviously the worse of the two. All my other photos are on my external HD. PHEW!

In other news, our backyard is still a construction zone, but hopefully it will look much better in a week or two. We are extending the patio since everything is dug up, so that is nice.

More later...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Here's The Scoop...

1. Life is fabulous.

2. It's my birthday month...31 days of PURE celebration!

3. My computer CRASHED...(Dell, for those that care...)'s in the shop now, hopefully all the photos in it's dead hard drive will be retrieved...(2 months worth...the rest are on my external hard drive!)

4. New computer on the way...Not a MAC, but within the next decade I'll get one!

5. One of my diamonds fell out of my engagement ring. GRRRRR...Ring is on it's way to Ohio for an estimate.

6. Our yard looks like a construction zone...HEY! It IS a construction zone! Next door neighbors rock wall NEEDED replacing...only access is through our yard...Owen is in heaven...So. Much. Mud.

7. We have 2 bathtubs and a shower.

8. Bought some summer clothes today...although we may move to a nudist colony shortly since it's supposed to be 97 degrees tomorrow.

9. Joe is home ALL WEEK! ALL WEEK!

10. Angelina Jolie is going to have her twins ANY DAY! Yup! Viva La France!