Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where Am I?

Joe, Owen and I went on a little walk this weekend across the street to the new Quadrant Development...we found a quaint little trail, which is the only redeeming quality and contribution they have brought to our neighborhood...but alas, I digress.

On the early part of the walk, Joe noticed that this tree, (crabapple?) was budding...and sure enough, there were new little gorgeous, fragrant flowers opening up in utter confusion...I've never heard of this happening, maybe it's a common occurrence in the Fall, as the days are similar to our Spring days? (If this is a wrong assumption, let it be known that it was Joe's idea!!!)...Is it global warming? Is it the Republicans fault?

Yes, that's it. The little tree feels that the end of the world is nearing due to horrid policies by this Administration, and decided to push it's little buds out into the world, just to have one last go at it before we all die.