Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Using My Brain...

I've had my studio set up for a week and I've been so productive! I made O's Halloween Costume, (Scuba man, for inquiring minds...), hemmed curtains, drawn, (or is it drew?) and tonight I worked for hours on my new bag. OK...granted, most of these items are technically not "art", but I'm in there...and doing something creative and fun! Tonight, I spent 3 hours in the studio...I had to quit because sewing leather by hand was taking it's toll...both on my eyes and in my fingers! Ahh...aging.

Leslie gave me a Moleskins notebook the other day when she stayed the night, as a belated birthday present, and I LOVE IT! I've been obsessively drawing in it whenever I have even a few minutes!

The bag I'm making is because I saw a backpack that I really liked, but it was $180, and I am not spending that kind of money on a backpack, which was mostly made out of canvas with a little I decided to make my own...I bought some cool tapestry fabric, and some outdoor canvas fabric and used the left over cow hide I had bought in 1993 to make "Butt Chair"...I'm so glad I've been lugging that thing around all these years...I knew I'd use it for something!!! Anyway...the backpack is looking awesome...and when I'm done, I'm going to fill it up with Moleskins!

What else...I'm really tired, but at the same time too excited to go to sleep...Maybe I'll watch a movie or go read my fun book...or maybe draw! So many options...I have all night!

Positive Post of the Day...

At least I don't look like this....this morning...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Brilliant...(It's 21 minutes long...)

Happy, Happy Anniversary....

Eight years. Yesterday Joe and I celebrated 8 years of marriage...years that were filled with a lot of happiness and at times, a lot of sadness. Years that at this moment, seem both eternal and fleeting...

Something momentous happened on this anniversary...Joe and I had our FIRST date in three years + or Owen's life. 3400 or so days.

A couple of our friends had offered to watch Owen so that Joe and I could celebrate...and we jumped at the chance.

What. To. Do.

We opted for a nice, long dinner at was heavenly. We began with a lovely bottle of Columbia Winery 2004 Syrah and two appetizers. The first, grilled spicy prawns served over a chorizo and white bean mixture. The second, a scallop ceviche with heirloom tomatoes. We slowly devoured these, enjoying every mouthful...rinsing our palates with a swig of divine juice.

Then came the salad. A light, succulent mixture of roasted duck, chevre, and an onion ring or two, lightly fried and so sweet. Possibly my favorite dish of the night...although the ceviche was a close second.

These two courses took at least 1 hour to consume and were intertwined with lovely music and an actual adult conversation! Oh the pleasures...

By the time our entrees arrived, neither Joe nor I were hungry any more. We ordered the braised pork and the chicken with gnocchi, (one of my favorite things on this planet!). We ate slowly and ordered a second bottle of wine.

We abandoned the pork and the chicken for a sweet concoction...the dessert menu was varied and not too overwhelming...we decided to try the Pistachio Bread Pudding with "Creme Anglaise"...which caused me some maybe incorrectly assumed humor...regardless of my giddiness, we delighted in every bite, letting the sweet mixture fill our senses, which at this point of the evening were on overload...I felt like my senses where on the outside of my was truly divine.


So this friend of mine, when I was in my mid-teens, Joan, (whose family was from New Zealand), told me that on the first day of every month, the first words out of your mouth should be rabbits! Apparently, according to an old New Zealand custom, (or a 14 year old's imaginative mind), uttering this word first thing in the morning will bring you an abundant amount of good luck.

The story goes that on the morning of the first day, of a month I don't recall, as the California sun filled her room in which we both had been sleeping, our eyes open and as I look at her, I confidently say, "Rabbits!", to which she replies, "I know!!!", thus voiding her chance of good luck for the following 30 or so days. She glared at me over our cereal and didn't speak to me at all that morning as she feigned interest in Scooby Doo.

I mention this story because ever since she shared this odd tradition with me, I have at some point or another...on the first day of each month, whispered "Rabbits" in hopes of securing some of that luck that is looking for a place to land. I have shared this with my beloved husband, who, is suspicious of pretty much everything that looks like weird mumbo-jumbo, (especially when it calls for voicing out loud the name of a cute and innocent long eared, fuzzy tailed critter).

As I laid in bed tossing and turning a few moments ago, grumbling internally at what is obviously the beginnings of some sort of malaise, (sore throat, ear ache, stuffed sinus) which has me awake at 3 in the morning, my husband asks me a question. Now mind you, that this event took place just minutes ago, and I have already forgotten the question. It may have been, "Are you OK?", "Are you awake?", "Can't sleep?", "Do you really think Obama is going to win?" which, of course, I answered something...a word, maybe two...but definitely not "Rabbits!"...once again, slamming the door on that homeless luck...and, as apparent cosmic punishment, I sit my studio, stuffed up and achy, awake at 3:56 in the morning, witnessing how bad my luck has gotten already on this the first day of October.