Friday, December 28, 2007

Notes From My Couch...

I have probably what amounts to just a few minutes of quiet before a) Owen wakes up from his nap or b) Joe walks in the door from my thoughts may be interrupted and short...

It has been snowy here for days and days...and so, so beautiful. I love it. Driving in the snow has not been an issue at all, (well, it was until I actually did it!)...but Joe is an excellent teacher and he bought the best snow tires for my car, so I'm set! What a guy! :-) Last night we went sledding in the dark...OK...before any of you think, "That's a brilliant idea A...."...let me tell you that the snow reflecting on the clouds, plus the added illumination thrown by near-by Christmas lights on homes, gave plenty of light so that we could make out the trees and people moving! Anyway, it was fun...

Last week the three of us went cross-country skiing with some friends, who are very good at it. We really had a super time, although I felt pretty shitty towards the end of the 2 hour knee was popping and before I try that again, (which I really look forward to) I will get to a doctor and get it checked out again! Hopefully I can get a good brace and feel better about it...although there definitely was some physical pain...I think most of my tension was mental...I just kept envisioning my knee breaking in the opposite direction...(I think this is pretty much unlikely to ever happen)....but alas, welcome to my imagination!

Christmas was one of the BEST ever...we spent it here at home...just the 3 of us, (or 5, if we include Pookie and Enzo)...we went to a local park for an annual bonfire & Christmas caroling was dark and cold and lovely! I like Christmas carols...some of the lyrics are peculiar, but the melodies are beautiful...So I sang to the best of my abilities...but did at times feel strange singing religious lyrics as an of the lyrics mentioned Satan and everything...Good grief...why get him involved in such a lovely time of year! I just don't get it.

While I was singing away, O and Joe were sliding down the hill in their pants. FUN!

We headed home for a wonderful dinner and opened some of our gifts...Joe gave me some beautiful and very thoughtful gifts...which will allow me to be relaxed (massage) and well scented! (Box of yummy soaps/bars from Lush)...:)

Christmas day was spent at home in front of the fire...listening to music, watching O enjoy his loot, (little loot)...and then another fabulous dinner!

I am making some lovely friends here...this has been one of the greatest gifts from this venture east...and I am really enjoying getting to know these women. There are a couple in particular that I feel very comfortable with and genuinely like a lot. Their wit and humor is most welcome!

Ta ta!