Thursday, April 03, 2008

David's Visit...

David came to visit us for a few days! We had a lovely, lovely time...We made it to the Judnt Art Museum and saw a FABULOUS printmaking exhibit called "Face to Face"...which was loaded with Mezzotints! It was really a treat...then we walked around campus where we tried to get into the Engineering building where David wanted to take some photos...but classrooms were locked and we didn't feel like getting arrested by breaking in! Ha!

On Tuesday, he gave his talk at the MAC, which was great...I was really inspired and enjoyed listening to David lecture...He introduced me to his friend, Dean Davis, who is a commercial photographer, and his wife Judy, a Graphic Designer. Very nice folk...and we all ended up at Dean's studio. To say that this studio was AMAZING, wouldn't do it was so funky and just a great space. Dean also collects fine art, and had some really beautiful pieces, including many by a local artist, Tim Lord, whom I had the pleasure of meeting on Wednesday!

I met David at Tim, (and his beautiful partner, Mary Gayle's) place around noon. I cannot describe the experience...Tim is a PROLIFIC artist...he was truly wonderful, and I felt an immediate kinship to him and with his work. I just tried to take as much in as possible...his sculptures and painting are so full of personal meaning and history, which he gladly shares. No mystery man here...he was an open book, and I really appreciated that! After a couple of hours there, we met Mary Gayle at the Brooklyn Deli. We had a really lovely, lovely time...I liked Mary Gayle a lot! David's flight was leaving shortly, but the 4 of us dashed off to The Davenport for a quick guided tour by Tim and Mary Gayle! We all said our goodbyes on Monroe Street, and I headed back home to my wonderful husband who took care of Owen for a full two days so I could hang out with David et al...What a wonderful visit and thanks David for introducing me to your wonderful friends!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008