Monday, August 25, 2008


Haiku on the spot
My mind has gone blank...Oh No.
Is that how it goes?

Friday, August 15, 2008


I've been up for 5 hours...I'm sitting here listening to Radiohead...the sun is beginning to peek on my left...the house is quiet.

I wasn't as productive as I thought when I first awoke at midnight...I didn't do any chores...but I emailed, updated O's blog, watched a History Channel movie about the pyramids on Netflix...made strong coffee...took an IQ test...took a and peed, (although not at the same time...) Now I'm tired, but you know who will be up in the next hour or two, so basically, I'm screwed.

Yesterday we had so much fun at Holly's was right on the lake...her in laws built a beautiful cabin like house...and live there year round.

Vicki and I, (plus little ones) all rode up together...THAT was an adventure! Ha! (I now know Sheryl Crows lyrics from the title song in the movie CARS by heart!)...Vicki and I managed a conversation using sign language. We made it and immediately installed ourselves on the beach. We headed out on the boat to the little town of Harrison...and hung out there for a while...I can see the allure of a speed was really fun!

Here are a couple of lovely pics of Vicki and Holly!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pandora, Pandora, Pandora...

I can't say enough about PANDORA...Check it out if you like music...

I've been sitting here for almost two hours, my eyes occasionally filled with tears due to the beautiful music that I'm listening too...I love being moved by other people's creative genius...


(I'm also playing a new game I found on my google home page that is good for my brain...I just know it!)